Ahang Atiyeh Hezare Sevom


The mission of Ahang Atieh Hezare Sevom Company is defined as investment and bilateral and multilateral cooperation with domestic and foreign companies in various sectors of industry and commercial services, focusing on the fields of energy, petrochemical and automobile industries.
Along with this mission, Ahang Atieh Hezare Sevom Company has set its vision for the development of trade relations with the countries of the Middle East and Europe .

Competitive Advantage

Membership in important international and regional economic organizations and professional unions
Utilizing the formal diplomatic relations of governments in promoting multilateral development
Increasing international business and commerce activities in the fields of industry and energy
Creating investment opportunities for the production of imported products in the field of automobile industry

our services

Energy and Petrochemical

Existence of oil and gas resources and construction of various petrochemical complexes and on the other hand, geographical location of Iran has provided the necessary basis for the development of business relations with developed countries.

Industry and car

The importance of the car manufacturing industry and its special position in the field of economy has attracted the attention of the government, which should provide the basis for the assembly and production of high quality cars in Iran.

Development of international relations

The specific geographical location of Iran in the Middle East and the Persian Gulf region and its neighborhood with other countries have provided a special relationship for European and developed countries . Therefore , development of economic and trade activities with these countries, has been prioritized.

Technology and construction

The use of modern technologies of the world in construction of modern buildings for the implementation of major government projects in the national plan using international capacities for increasing quality ,will be used.

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